Saturday, May 17, 2014



These fields can be added to your forms:
1.     Text field
2.     Password field
3.     Hidden field
4.     Text area
5.     Check box
6.     Radio button
7.     Drop-down menu
8.     Submit button
9.     Reset button
10. Image button

Sunday, May 11, 2014

HTML Summary

This tutorial has taught you how to use HTML to create your own web site.
HTML is the universal markup language for the Web. HTML lets you format text, add graphics, create links, input forms, frames and tables, etc., and save it all in a text file that any browser can read and display.
The key to HTML is the tags, which indicates what content is coming up.

Now You Know HTML, What's Next?

The final tips

Congratulations, you have now reached the final lesson.

So now I know everything?

You have learned a lot and you are now capable of making your own websites! However, what you have learned are the basics and there is still a lot more to be mastered. But you now have a good foundation from which to build on.
In this last lesson, you will get some final tips:

HTML Spcial project

<title>web example</title>

<body style="background-color:#CCCCCC;">
<div style="background-color:#FFFFFF; width:850px; height:auto;
margin-left:80px; margin-top:50px;" >